I am Andrei Cerbu, the guy with the guitar. Most of the time, I listen to her, play with her and listen a lot of music like rock’n’roll, blues, hard rock and heavy metal. I have a lot of ,,mentors”, especially Gary Moore, who influenced my style when i was, maybe, 11 years old. When I talk about bands, I say Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Nightwish etc., and my band, The IronCross.


I was born in 2002, Iasi, Romania. At 7 years old, my dad showed me on YouTube some guitarists and questioned me: ,,Do you want to play the guitar?” and I answered very exited: ,,Yes!!!”. I liked a lot everything they do that I want to play better than them. He bought me my first electric guitar and sent me to Petran Paveliuc, the best guitar coach from my town.

After a year, at 8 years old, I made my first band, Kids Rock. We all had ages between 8-10 years old and had some concerts in Iasi.



In 2012, when I was 10, I participated at ,,Iasi Guitar Festival” contest, where I got mention. Then, I played for the first time for bikers at Bacau, where the crowd liked how I played, and, from there, the passion for motorcycle appeared.


In the next year, I participated again at that contest and I got the first place, when we think that I was the youngest. Then, I went to ,,Romanian Got Talent”, where I had almost 11 years old and it was one of mi biggest chances to be known in my country. I played, in the beginnings, a part from ,,Still got the blues”, by Gary Moore.



It was a big success and, from that moment, I went to semifinals where I played another well-knowed song from my idol, Parisienne Walkways.

I won the semifinals with this song and, from that point, my country considered me a little Gary Moore and I got well-knowed.



In the finals, I got the third place, where I played a mashup of some riffs from bad-ass songs, with Mr. Patoi, one of the best guitar players in Romania.



During the show ,,Romanian got Talent”, I was invited by ,,Black Fist” RC, Support MC Trust, to play at their first anniversary any cover that I wanted. As reward, they offered me a place in their club as ,,Future Rider” I was so happy in that moment and still I wear the vest with patches. I am the only kid in a motor club, something that honores me.




In the same time, I was seen and contacted by a legend of Romanian’s rock music: Nicu Covaci from Phoenix. I couldn’t believe how that contest changed my life. He sad that I have to learn two songs for our first meeting at Bucharest: Balada, by Ciprian Porumbescu. We met and it was a ,,wow” when I saw such an impressive rocker ‘n’ biker. I still remember that he wore a brown leather jacket, jeans and some bad-ass black leather boots.



He liked how I played and offer me to play with him and his band. Phoenix is the oldest folk-rock band in Romania, and in 2017 got 55 years of rockin’. I played along the band from 2014, and also we released the album ,,Vino, Tepes!”.



We had a lot of concerts on big stages, and this helped me to be more knowed and gain more experience.



Nicu considered me his child, took care of me everytime. I remember that, in every evening, after the rehearsals, Nicu told be about his childhood and all the crazy things he made. I was fascinated like a little nephew, like now.



He calls me when he has time and invite me to play blues with him, and this thing makes me happy: that we see each other again. He has 70 years old.



Another person who influenced my music is Rares Totu, one of the biggest blues-man in my country. He was named ,,Best guitar player in Romania” in ’87 and ,,Best guitar player in Hungary” in ’92.



He played in an well-knowed band called ,,Trans-Express”. He learned me about the sound of the guitar, about Hendrix, Bonamassa, Darren Hayse, Clapton etc. He helped me buy my first Marshall JCM 800, and, from that point, my sound has changed forever. I closed to old sound. He helped me forge my first pedalboard and learned me about ,,set up” on the stage. I started to try different sounds and I realised that I get closer to the blues. He took me with him on the stage with his new band, ,,Rares Totu and the Midnight sun”, all very good musicians. I started to play Hendrix, SRV and more with him. He is my best mentor ever.



At his urging, I formed my first blues trio, ,,Andrei Cerbu and the Crossroads”, which I’ll play at some festivals.

I have a lot of things to learn from many people, but also time. Every day when I play the guitar, I feel that I become something new, better and ready for the next level!!!


Hey guys. If you like my work and want to support me, please access these links!!! Stay rock!!! Be rock!!! Forever!!!