Malancus sisters

Maybe these two girls seem calm, normal, but give them some rock and they will UNLEASH their true face, their true nature, the craziest one that I’ve ever seen!!! The older girl is Diana Malancus and she’s 14 years old, and the little one is Maia Malancus, a 10 years old girl, all of them with strong voices, ready to be observed by the entire world!!! Please check Maia’s site for more detailes:


You need just a click before you’ll get the energy for your day!!! A lot of fun in our studio with Diana Malancus, and a lot of good music!!! Please share and enjoy!!!



Who would be fit to play a Hard Rock song with such energy? After one second after I questioned me, I told to myself: Maia!!!! A lot of fun and music in this video, hope you like our work!!!



Together with Maia, 10 y.o. , we rocked and ol’ classic hard rock song by AC/DC, “Shook me all night long”!!! Hope you like and share it!!



Who said that little girls do not love and feel Rock?! I also said that, before I saw this little “Rock’n’Roll” crazy one, Maia Malancus10 y.o.!!! She won “Voice of Romanian’s Junior”, and when I saw her on TV, I said: “Damn… I have to do one song with her”!!! Hope you like our cover and share it!!!



Together with Diana Malancus,  I had too much energy because of listening for 500 times this song, so I sad that we should play it!!! Let’s say that, when we were making the video, we were making a Red Bull promotion!!! 🙂 🙂 It is my craziest cover that I ever made!! Please like and share our cover!!!



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