Original Works

To be a complete guitarist, I also compose music. Here you have all my compositions. Please enjoy!!!


Our keyboard player, Smaranda, wanted to try to sing. Look what is the result: a beautiful ballad that I listen every day!!!



We progressed and I think is time to let our singer to tell what she feels. To tell a story of two lovers  that could’t be with each other because of him!!!!



Now, it’s time to change our music style!!! Heavy metal is the best!!! I started to compose in our new band formula a song that will change our style!!!



I dedicate this song to all the bikers in the world! Let us hear our motorcycles, boys!!!
Vrom vrom!!!



Another song made by me and Diana. This song is about the wish of a girl who wants to be again with his lover!!!




We all know that girls like ballads. Here is a method how a boy can tell a girl that he loves her!!!


,,We are the miracle band in the sky forever!!!” That’s what we thought when we composed this song!!! 🙂 🙂



After I made The IronCross, my band, we made our first song to express  how we, boy, think about our girls: The girl from the stories.




I tried to reanimate in my mind all that that passed, to show all that I felt in a single memory, a single song!!!




After a volcano erupts, the silent is the law. This is my first instrumental power ballad!!! Please enjoy it!!!




My first attempt to compose an instrumental song is this. I tried to do everything that I learned in the 5 years, releasing all my energy!!!




This first song is this one. I made it with Diana Petcu, music is mine and the lyrics are made by her!!!


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