Some Covers

Here, guys, you have a playlist of my covers. Please enjoy it!!!


This cover, made with Diana Petcu, is my first live recorded video, and I like it a lot!!! I hope you enjoy it too and share with your friends!! Remember to keep the love in your hearts!!



You’ll not believe this… Finally, I’ve made what I dreamed from my first collab with Sina: to make an international virtual band!!! Sina (Germany) is playing drums, Max (USA) is playing bass, me guitar and Victoria (Australia) is singing, & together we made a cover from Iron Maiden, “The Trooper”!!! Hope you like and share it!!!



I always said that a complete guitarist has to play from blues to rock to rock’n’roll etc. But, Sina asked me if I’d like to play a spanish Heavy Metal song. When I first listened to the song, I didn’t like the song, but then, after I heard Arthur’s voice, Sina’s drums and my guitars, I loved this song!!! Thank you a lot friends for this idea!!!



Hey guys!!! After a long, long… time, I made a Hard Rock/Blues song, named “Purple Haze”, by Jimi Hendrix!!! Let the old music lead your soul!!!



Together with Maia Malancus, I wish you to have a nice day everybody!!!



Iron Maiden is an iconic band when we talk about Heavy Metal, and their song, ,,Fear of the dark”, was excellent for my next cover!!! Hope you like and share it!!!



Nightwish is one of my favorites bands and I thought that Victoria will do an excellent job!!! From my point of view, this is our best cover!!!



Gary Moore​ is one of my mentors, the one who influenced my music, my style, and I can’t do little more than dedicate one of his best songs, as many thanks for him!!! Together with Sina-Drums​, “Parisienne Walkways”, for you, Gary! Rest in Peace, my friend!



Hey everyone!!! As I saw, Santana was a good choice from your impressions, so I decided to play another hit from him, made with Michelle Branch!!! Also, I talked with Smaranda and Sergiu to join me, and they were happy to play some ol’ good music!!! Hope you like and share it!!!



Hey everyone!!! After a long time of recording, I’ve finally done the video!! It’s one of my inspiration when I talk about blues, about guitar technique!! Hope you like my cover to the song “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple!!!



Who said that little girls do not love and feel Rock?! I also said that, before I saw this little “Rock’n’Roll” crazy one, Maia Malancus10 y.o.!!! She won “Voice of Romanian’s Junior”, and when I saw her on TV, I said: “Damn… I have to do one song with her”!!! Hope you like our cover and share it!!!



I am 14 y.o , I am Romanian guitar player and i love rock and blues! Together with Diana Malancus, also 14 y.o., I had too much energy because of listening for 500 times this song, so I sad that we should play it!!! Let’s say that, when we were making the video, we were making a Red Bull promotion!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It is my craziest cover that I ever made!! Please like and share our cover!!!



I want to introduce you a very special person, Diana Petcu, a Romanian singer and she is 17 y.o. , and we made a cover to a special and beautiful song by Santana and Sarah Mclachlen!!! Also, a strange thing to me, I put a suit on me, like Bonamassa!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



Slash is one of my heroes, which, with Guns’N’Roses, dragged me to the Hard Rock! This year I was, for the first time, at one of they concert, and when I saw him (I was near the stage), I was like: “Oh my god!!! I am dreaming?!” SO, I could’t end like this and “invited” him to play “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, also with GNR!!! Hope you like our work and share it!!!



I searched in my playlist made by 256 songs a potential cover, with a different music style! I wanted something full of energy, craziness, and this song, “Johnny B Goode”, has all of them!!! Please enjoy!!!



Hey guys!!! This is my new heavy metal cover, made with two bandmates, Smaranda singing and Sergiu at the guitar!!! Since my last cover was full of energy, I tought that we should raise it a bit with a more electrifying well-known song from Halestorm, “I Miss the Misery”!!! Please enjoy!!!



I thought it’s about time to change a bit the style, from Blues to some Hard Rock, and I think some “Whiskey in the Jar” was perfect for me to decide :)) Please enjoy!!!



This well-known song by Stevie Ray Vaughan amazed me and made me dance!!! Then, after I listened it for about 1000 times, I wanted to record it, and this is the result. It’s my “Pride and Joy” to play it!!!



Hey guys!!! This is my new cover of the best guitar players, BB King. BB King, “The King of Blues”, left this world for some time. But with his music, the thrill has gone, but not forever!!!



Well, guys, it is the first time when I sing such a beautiful song. I don’t know if I made it good, but I know that I put all my heart in this one!!!
Stay blues, Feel blues!!!



I wanted to play a song from Led Zeppelin because one of the most beautiful song from them and many people sad that I’m the little Jimmy Page, and I tried to look like him, to play like him, but in my style!!!



I think with love, a delicious and honest element, and music, harmonious and understood in every language, can make the most beautiful thing in the world.



I am a 14 year old Romanian guitar player and I love rock and the blues and this cover is just for fun.



When I listen to this song, I feel that I’m flying to an unknown world, where music is everything and everywhere.



Progressive Rock it;s not one of my favorite styles, nor Dream Theater, but this solo has a story…all this song has a story, a sad one, and I wanted to feel it deeper!!! Hope you like my cover!!!



I started no recently to play some old songs, known forever by the last generation, mean our parents!! I heard first this song played by Gary Moore, then by him, but I wanted to hear it payed by me!!! Hope you like it!!!



Because we again lost a piece of art from our music, I couldn’t just play an song for him!!! Rest In Peace my friend…



I don’t even know what comment should I put, but I know something for sure: I AM F*CKING CRAZY WHEN I PLAY ZAKK WYLDE!!! Hope you like my cover!!!



As everyone has a special person, me, because of the growing in age, I found a young lady special to me, that I can’t see he, but just like an angle!!! πŸ™‚ Hope you like my cover!!!



Ok, so… here there is no need to comment!!! This song is too beautiful to be able to say something equal to it!!! Hope you like my cover!!!



As you can see, I bought a new Gibson, more detailed an “Iron Cross”, an model close to the Heathfield ones, so I decided to try it on a beautiful ballad made by Satriani!!! Hope you like my cover!!!

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I couldn’t just sit with my Les Paul Historic ’59 in my hands and let this interesting idea to play one of the best well-known ballads from one of my important mentors, Gary Moore, pass away!!! So…here you are!!! Hope you like my cover!!!



While I am at my age, it’s hard to understand the old music, to taste it, to listen it again and again like and animal who’s hungry every time!!! That’s how I felt when I found this song!!! Hope you like my cover!!!



From a long time I wanted to play a solo from Gilmore, but I hadn’t a Fender to do it, but, in a day, I said like: “Fuck the Fender, I’ll play on Gibson!!!” Hope you like my work!!!



I participated at an important contest named “Romanian Got talent” where Gary Moore fell from the sky, get in my soul and I felt that I was him, I could think what he thought when I was playing the song!!! Hope you like it!!!



I bought a new guitar, an Ibanez, and I told to myself: “I should try to make a metal cover to a classic song!!!” This one was my choice and hope you like it!!!



Ah… Europe…my beautiful continent, where I was born and where I’ll live…Wait…Santana made a song for it?! i’ll make a cover then πŸ™‚ Hope you like it!!!

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