Victoria K Music

While working with Sina, I discovered a young lady with a powerful voice: Victoria K Music!!! She is from Australia and she is 13 years old!!! We want to make covers to a lot of heavy metal songs, so be ready!!!


You’ll not believe this… Finally, I’ve made what I dreamed from my first collab with Sina: to make an international virtual band!!! Sina (Germany) is playing drums, Max (USA) is playing bass, me guitar and Victoria (Australia) is singing, & together we made a cover from Iron Maiden, “The Trooper”!!! Hope you like and share it!!!



Nightwish is one of my favorites bands and I thought that Victoria will do an excellent job!!! From my point of view, this is our best cover!!!



I had a little discussion with Victoria about a new cover and I told her about this song. She immediately approved and yesterday, when I sent her the guitar track and video, Victoria sent me back the final mixdown!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!



This is my new collaboration with one of the most talented girls that I have ever seen, Victoria. She has 13 y. o. and we want to make a lot of covers of heavy metal songs. We also want, in the near future, to release some original songs, so be there!!!



Hey guys. If you like my work and want to support me, please access these links!!! Stay rock!!! Be rock!!! Forever!!!