Hello, everybody! I am Andrei Cerbu and I love my guitar because it makes me feel like myself in my deepest dreams. When I play my guitar I really feel great because I am enjoying myself extremely and I believe that I can transmit to all of you my flow and motivation. Music is my passion and guitar is the instrument that helps me break free. I love blues, rock’n’roll and heavy metal. Since I was very young, I listened a lot to Gary Moore and so he became one of my greatest mentors. I also enjoy listening to Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Nightwish, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker and many others. My goal is to improve myself day by day, to become better and ready for the next level.

Stay rock! Be rock! Forever! 

Andrei Cerbu was born in 2002, in Iasi, Romania. His music affair began when he was almost 7 years old. One day, his dad showed him on Youtube some famous guitarists and asked him if he wants to play that instrument. Andrei replied very excited that he really wants to learn how to become like those musicians he had listened and so the journey began. His father bought him an electric guitar and introduced Andrei to Petran Paveliuc, the best guitar teacher in the city. After only one year, Andrei Cerbu already had his own band  – Kids Rock. All the members had ages between 8 and 10 years old and their talent and enthusiasm helped them gain people’s trust and appreciation around the city.

In 2012, Andrei Cerbu participated, for the first time, at the “Iasi Guitar Festival” contest, but unfortunately he didn’t qualify among the first winners. This fact motivated him a lot, so he practiced more and more. With ambition and courage, he participated again the next year and won the first place, despite that he was only 10 years old at that point.


At almost 11 years old, Andrei Cerbu became famous around the country due to the TV show “Romania’s Got Talent”. He played, in front of the jury and the big audience, „Still Got the Blues” by Gary Moore and it was a great success that sent him straight to semifinals. After that, he won the 1st place in these semi-finals, where he was playing on a flying stage, with the amp at his ear! In the finals, the judge decided that he will get to the 3rd place, fact that amazed Andrei and made him also cry of joy! He couldn’t face the fact that a 11 years old could get so far!

Another great experience that contributed to Andrei’s Cerbu evolution was that he was the first kid who was invited to be a member of the bikers club in Iasi. The „Future Rider” Andrei was invited by Black Fist RC and Support MC to play the guitar at their first anniversary party. He was very touched by that moment and he still wears with great pride.

The venerable rock star, Nicu Covaci, was so impressed that he asked Andrei to play with him and his band for more than one year. In this time, he learned a lot about being in a team, working with more musicians and be able to play on big stages. He even says that: “At my first concert with them, I couldn’t see the end of the crownd!” Phoenix is the oldest folk-rock band in Romania and it was a great honour for Andrei Cerbu  to be part of their group. Also, at 12 years old, he helped in releasing the wanted album by their fans, “VINO TEPES!”

Success continued to bring Andrei Cerbu wonderful experiences. One day was got really surprised when Nicu Covaci (Phoenix) contacted him and proposed a music collaboration, so Andrei learned to play, for the first time, Balada by Ciprian Porumbescu.

After being involved in his first album releasing, he realised that he needs a new path to go on, to try something new for him, but as old as the great music is: Blues! So he will start to study this new world for some time.

Meanwhile, he decided to go to a international contest, which took place in America! Word Championship Of Performing Arts is the contest called, where more than 16000 contestans from over 60 countries were in for the big trophy! Still, Andrei managed to get two titles of a mondial champion at only 14 years old and also made some new friends from different countries: Blues guitar player from Zimbabwe, dancer from Taiwan etc. More and more, there was no competition at all, but a big family was forming!

Iron Cross Album

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Together with his band, Iron Cross, Andrei released some Heavy Metal and Hard Rock original works! “The objective in music is not to look strait, but also to the left and to the right! To be an open-minded person!”

Andrei is now 15 years old and enters in a new era of music: Heavy Metal! He has been listening to Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Metallica all day long and a need for a band of his own was growing a lot! In the end, he formed “The Iron Cross”, a teenagers band who are ready to rock the stages of the world. He een managed to release in a short time him first Heavy Metal album, in which he worked a lot!!

Rares Totu was the man who helped Andrei to buy his first Marshall JCM 800 amplifier and from that point Andrei’s music and sound totally changed. Rares Totu inspired  Andrei to try blues rhythms and so they started to play together on the same stage with Rares’s new band, ,,Rares Totu and the Midnight Sun”. At his urging, he helped Andrei form his first blues trio, ,,Andrei Cerbu and the Crossroads”.

Besides the profound admiration Andrei Cerbu has for Nicu Covaci, another person who influenced his personality is Rares Totu. He was named ,,Best guitar player in Romania” in ’87 and ,,Best guitar player in Hungary” in ’92 and he played in the well-known band ,,Trans-Express”.

At this time, he is 17 years old, with “Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads” and “The Iron Cross” made up of teenagers who love music to the bone! Click on the images below to read about each one of them!

– Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads –

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– The Iron Cross –

I still have a long journey ahead of me, but nothing will stop me doing what I love: to play Blues with my guitar! No one and nothing will prevent me to do it!