Andreea Munteanu

Girl are always shy, they don’t show their personalities, their nature. That’s the case also for Andreea:  a very nice, funny, person, who talks very little, but has a lot to say! Luckily, her voice can make her been heard from miles! She is a small person, with a big spirit.


Someone said that “Love: is the most beautiful thing in the world, but I said “No!”. Another one said that “Music” is the best, but I also said “No!”. Why? Because when they are combined become what we can call “The best of all”!



“Can anybody find me somebody to love?”: a question that I also ask through my music! But we, artists, considered lonely-wolves, also have the answer: the band, the family, our friends are our loved ones, also for you! We just need to open our eyes! P.S: The choir was not totally made by us, we found it on internet, but we improved it a bit!



A little story-time: As a young guitarist, Slash was the one who influenced my music-style with his Hard Rock licks. When I first saw him in real life (and that was this year). I couldn’t stay calm and I was very happy because I saw him, Axl Rose and the rest of the band! I made a cover to very famous song made by them, together with Andreea Munteanu, and hope you like and share it with your friends!



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Stay rock! Be rock! Forever!