Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads

‘If you have the courage to walk on a Blues path alone, you can return back from whenever you started your journey! You need a band, some persons in who you can trust and who are capable of playing with passion, with love for music and for the genre they are practicing! As that, you will never be alone and can be sure that you will have a safe trip on this dangerous path!’ 

Andrei Cerbu is the leader of this band. Getting crazy when he is called on the stage, he gives to the crowd a bunch of energy and pleasure playing Blues, but also gets the quantity doubled back to him!

Alexandra Dodoi is the lead vocal of this band. Andrei discovered her on the internet, playing a Blues song, which was later made as a cover with her for his YouTube channel! Her soft and warm voice, but also strong and perfect for Blues, shows to the crowd that you need to feel this style, to give something from yourself!

Teodor Cusnir is the smallest in age in the band, but represents the very solid platform of the rest of his band-mates. With his groovy playing style and learning capabilities, he remarks himself to the crowd every time!

Don’t get foolished by Robert‘s appearance on the stage! He might be looking calm, but in his mind, there are a lot of information processed, combinations of licks, sounds, notes, everything to make the bass sounds good!

Big fan of The Beatles, The Doors, and all the greatest of the 70′, Ana is the keyboard player of the band! She dresses the sound with harmony,  and then gives the Rock and Roll groove to the songs! There is no doubt and she earned her place with a lot of hard work and pleasure in playing Blues

Here you can find some videos with the band! Hope you enjoy them!