‘If you have the courage to walk on a Blues path alone, you can’t return back from whenever you started your journey! You need a band, some persons in who you can trust and who are capable of playing with passion, with love for music and for the genre they are practicing! As that, you will never be alone and can be sure that you will have a safe trip on this dangerous path!’ 

About the Band

It all started when Andrei, the guitar player, and Alexandra, the lead singer, first met. Alexandra was singing some blues songs on YouTube, and Andrei saw great potential in her. He was not wrong, since both of them loved Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa so much. Little did they know they would lay the foundation of a very promising young band. After a few covers and some thoughtful research, they managed to gather the most wonderful band-mates ever.

After their very first cover, The Rockin’ Groove impressed everyone. The success of their first songs gave them the opportunity and honor to play live in front of thousands in the very best blues festival in Romania, “Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi”. This was actually their first ever live performance and they received critical acclaim, everyone wondering where they came from and wanting to buy their album.

Their reputation brought them the opportunity to be invited to play in Bucharest. Moreover, they were even called to the best rock radio station in Romania “Rock FM” to be asked how everything happened. The host even launched a challenge to The Rockin’ Groove, to bring an album to the table. The challenge was accepted and the first original song entitled “Another day” was released a month later on Andrei’s Youtube channel.

The success of their first concert was not in vain, the Romanian Blues scene being totally shocked by this new, promising and very young band. A little tour was on the horizon, with The Rockin’ Groove headlining every concert. The chemistry started to grow between the members of the band while they were playing in different cities every weekend. 

The concert in Bucharest was undoubtedly one of their best live performances, with the crowd being so excited they even sung along with them. This experience culminated with the biggest achievement of them all. The Rockin’ Groove is now honored to be nominated to the “Jazz/Blues Music Awards” in the category of “2018 Revelation” taking place at the Hard Rock Café, Bucharest.

– Andrei Cerbu –

He is the leader of this band. Getting crazy when he is called on the stage, he gives the crowd energy and pleasure by playing Blues, but he gets double the energy back!

– Elena Alexandra Dodoi –

She is the lead vocal of the band and won everything she could win in the competitions. She always manages to give a lot of soul to the music and conquers the audience with her warm yet powerful voice. Each time she is in front of the microphone, she manages to arouse the “feeling” needed in the blues music.

– Teodor Cusnir – 

Although he is the youngest member of the band, he provides a solid platform for the rest of the group. Plus, he impresses the crowd with his groovy playing style!

– Robert Ciubotaru –

Don’t get fooled by his appearance on the stage! He might look calm, but, in his mind, there is a lot of information being processed, combinations of licks, sounds and notes, everything needed to make the bass sound good!

– Matei Gasner – 

Matei Gasner is our rythmic guitarist, his qualities making our band sound better than ever. Although he is a fresh blood (new kid on the block) we immediately felt he was the missing piece of the puzzle, helping Andrei and the band a lot.

Here are some videos of the band! Hope you enjoy them!