May this sounds strange, but this song has a year-living, but never been published. It was not the right sound, lyrics, everything.

The first time when the song had been written was in the Iron Cross time, in my band, when we tried to come up with a new thing, something very metal, but also which fits a female voice. We said that it’s not the time for this song, it has no potential at that time, and I am very happy that I restarted the project “The Monster” with Andreea when the band died.

The first idea of this song was a love story with a girl which was suffering because of her beloved one. When we finished recording I woke up from my chair and I said “NO! This song can’t have a love story, needs something very deep, something more common and also strange, new, in these days!” Of course, we couldn’t make the sound which is in the song now, my studio wasn’t existing in those days!

As I grew up, I found on YouTube a band which made me realize that their sound was the best: Nightwish. When I first listened to their song, my jaw was large open and I couldn’t believe what I hear: such force in the instrumental parts and soft and feminine voice: it was the right sound, needed a lot! I send Andreea this band and she agreed with me that this is the direction of the song.

And so “The Monster” become “The Enemy of my Soul”, a voice in our minds which tells us that we are a failure, we don’t have a future, but also gives us the courage to listen to our hearts and make the best of all: discover ourselves! But that enemy will always remain within us, besides our strong spirit!

Hello everyone! I was nominated by an online radio station as one of the best guitar players, as well Sina-Drums & Jadyn Rylle, as one of the best female vocalists! Please vote us because every single one is very important for us! Thank you a lot!