Diana Petcu

Diana Petcu is a very opened-mind person, funny and always smiles to the world. Besides her’s nice character, she is a very good singer, also winner of a big number of contests!


Hey everyone! This cover, made with Diana Petcu, is my first live recorded video, and I like it a lot! I hope you enjoy it too and share with your friends! Remember to keep the love in your hearts!!



Because I saw that a lot of people like my acoustic cover with Diana, I decided that we should make another cover, but this time a latino one! Hope you like it and share with your friends!



I want to introduce you a very special person, Diana Petcu, a Romanian singer and she is 17 y.o. , and we made a cover to a special and beautiful song by Santana and Sarah Mclachlen!!! Also, a strange thing to me, I put a suit on me, like Bonamassa! 🙂 🙂



After the first song that me and Diana Petcu composed, we thought that a next one will no be a bad idea! Many thanks to our friends who helped us by making this video : Miruna Harter , Eva Maria Garlea , Milena Ordean , Bogdan Stan.



For the first time, I composed a ballad together with Diana Petcu. She made the lyrics, and I the music!!! I am so happy that I collabed with her in making this song and hope you like it!


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Stay rock! Be rock! Forever!