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We would like to tell you about our fangroup on Facebook. Here the fans have fun, interact with each other, and Andrei Cerbu. He is always wanting to connect with his fans, get their input on his Music, and let them know how much he appreciates them being here for him. There are also some behind the scenes stuff, like videos from his live performances when we can get them, surveys that help Andrei know how we feel about his music, and contests where you can win exclusive prizes only for members of the fangroup. Not to mention this is the friendliest group of people from all over the world, that get to share their love for Andrei Cerbu and his friends, collaboraters, and all the artists he has worked with. Please feel free to visit, and of you like what you see, join the group where you too can have thems much fun!!

Andrei Cerbu And Friends
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“I am very honored to met these people, too see that they enjoy my work, to feel them closer to me and to understand that they really want to help me, want to raise my popularity among all the communities around the world! They will forever will have my respect, as anyone who wishes to help me!”

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“To be a young guitar player who loves Blues, Hard Rock, is very strange in my country! I play something almost dead here! But, in all my years of playing, I showed to all the people that Rock is not dead, it just needs us, the new generation, to help it rise again! For that, I need the support to improve my equipment, to buy new things for my studio, and music is not cheap at all. If you wish to help me, click the button below! Thank you! “

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Andrei really hopes that you will find here something that will satisfy yourself! This shop is dedicated to those who are watching his work! If you are new, you are welcomed here as much as any person!