My band: Iron Cross

Iron Cross was formed in 2015 by Andrei Cerbu, leader of the band. He wanted to form a band of teenagers who love Rock. Nowadays, the bandmates are Miruna Harter (Bass), Sergiu Teclici (Guitar), Smaranda Marian (Keyboards & Vocal), Andreea Munteanu (Vocal) and Andrei Cerbu (Guitar).

“From 8 years old, I had 2 bands. First of all, was “Kids Rock”, a project made by my father and Petran Paveliuc (check the bio).  We were just some casual kids with the guitar as their size, playing old music. Nothing interesting. Unfortunately, the band broke up when I got 9 y.o., but this idea of teen band will remain until 11 year. At that point, I said that I will make a Heavy Metal band, make our first album and play on big stages! And so it has! I am very pleased with my band-mates, at the rehearsals is a lot of fun and joy, and on the stage a lot of energy and happiness!”

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Original songs

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Iron Cross released their first original album! Click here to listen it!