Shots from gigs

Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads - Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi July 2018

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Andrei Cerbu - Suceava Blues Festival June 2018

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“The connection between musicians while playing Blues is close to the one between a man and a cobra: keep the eye contact, and then everyone knows what to play! I don’t know how to explain, but I understood this lesson in that magical night, playing along with one of the biggest guitar players in the world! You just need to feel the Blues and check the other band-mates, then the rest will be easy!”

Iron Cross - CCS Iasi Feb. 2018

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One of the best concert of Iron Cross. The stage didn’t look quite for a teen band, but they earned the place with a lot of work!

Andrei Cerbu & Blue Spirit - Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest Feb 2018

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2018 started just perfectly for Andrei with one of his most important Blues concerts! “It was a night full of magic, friends and good music! I would like to return to these moments!”

Andrei Cerbu - Magia Chitarei (Guitar's magic) Dec. 2017

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Every year, in December, all the best blues and rock musicians from Romania gather in Valcea and play until morning! Andrei is the youngest of the group, but he is accepted like one of them, also learning and playing.

Iron Cross- Beraria H Dec. 2017

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This concert gave Iron Cross’ members another opportunity to play their album, now in the Phoenix opening concert, a legendary band from Romania, on a very big stage!

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A very important moment for Andrei Cerbu and his band, Iron Cross, because they released their first album at “Arenele Romane”, in Bucharest, playing together with big names from Romania’s Rock music! 2017

Iron Cross - Bluzau Nov. 2017

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Don’t matter how small a stage is, the musicians always find a way to play together! Andrei Cerbu with his band, Iron Cross, played in the Phoenix opening concert, where they learned & played a lot!

Andrei Cerbu – Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi July 2017

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That was the night when Andrei played with some of the greatest musicians in Romania, also being accepted in their community! “It’s very hard to get some respect from an adult when you are young! That’s why I work a lot, so that they could see me as one of them!”

Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads - Blues Confusion July 2017

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After last year, 2016, when he started to play Blues, Andrei realised that he would need some good musicians to play with where he just dreamed: at big festivals, such as “Blues Confusion”, at Suceava!

Andrei Cerbu - Magia Chitarei (Guitar's Magic) Dec 2016

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Here Andrei played for the first time Blues, and felt that he was complete: to play it on a stage with great musicians! That was sure for him a magical night!