Sergiu Teclici

Sergiu Teclici is 17 years old and he studies at ,,Cuza Voda” College in Huşi. He is a very funny guy, but ready for some hard work! Andrei met him a long time ago, when he was 10 years old, in Husi, at a band battle contest! After he formed Iron Cross, he remembered Sergiu and called him to come in the band! The next day, he brought the guitar and amp with him.

“Sergiu? Who is Sergiu… A very charismatic guy, with a funny character. A guy with his “lover” in the arms, how a real guitarist should do! But don’t put him on the stage! He is like a beast, full of energy and ready to ROCK! He can also destroy the stage, no matter the size! And that’s the spirit!”