Sina Drums

One of my most important projects is with Sina, a 18 years old girl, from Germany. She is the best female drummer which I know.Here you have her website:  and YouTube channel:            My father saw her on YouTube and sent an e-mail for a collaboration. Everything was fast and we made an latino jam-session. Now, we collaborate a lot and I am very happy because of this.


You’ll not believe this… Finally, I’ve made what I dreamed from my first collab with Sina: to make an international virtual band! Sina (Germany) is playing drums, Max (USA) is playing bass, me guitar and Victoria (Australia) is singing, & together we made a cover from Iron Maiden, “The Trooper”! Hope you like and share it!



I always said that a complete guitarist has to play from blues to rock to rock’n’roll etc. But, Sina asked me if I’d like to play a spanish Heavy Metal song. When I first listened to the song, I didn’t like the song, but then, after I heard Arthur’s voice, Sina’s drums and my guitars, I loved this song! Thank you a lot friends for this idea!



I’m proud to be one of 9 international artists featured on Sina’s Cover Compilation ‘Your SongBook’, along with Victoria K, Jadyn Rylee and Avonlea (to name just a few). I also did many guitar parts all through the album!


Gary Moore​ is one of my mentors, the one who influenced my music, my style, and I can’t do little more than dedicate one of his best songs, as many thanks for him! Together with Sina-Drums​, “Parisienne Walkways”, for you, Gary! Rest in Peace, my friend!



It’s been some time since my last collab with Sina and Victoria, but we didn’t just relaxed! We “killed each other” trying to make the best cover to this beautiful song, and we payed attention to every detail!! Hope you like our work and share it! Many thanks to my friends, Sina, Victoria & Mike, for making this song, but our job here isn’t done yet! P.S: The thing with “we killed each other” was just a joke 🙂



Together with Sina at drums, Victoria singing and Miruna playing bass, we made a cover of one of the Heart’s best song, “Barracuda”!



This song has a sad story behind her, but I think every one has it’s best times. Me, I had it, finally, with my little brother, Teodor Cerbu!



An amazing collaboration with Jadyin Rylee and Sina resulted a cover of one of the best songs ever, ,,Go on your way”, from Fleetwood Mac!



All the time I liked to play Led Zeppelin. When I talked with Sina about the collaboration, I asked her if she wants to play with me this well-knowed song: ,,Whole lotta love”. She said to me, immediately, that she wants to play this song. I’ll always love to play Led Zeppelin!



My father saw her on YouTube and sent an e-mail for a collaboration. Everything was fast and we made an latino jam-session. She sent me the drum track and I sent her the guitar one. Look what has been done!


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Stay rock! Be rock! Forever!