Smaranda Marian

“It’s very hard to find the good musicians for collaborating, even harder when you actually play with them for some time! Smaranda, (or Smara, she prefers like this) is a keyboard player, but, recently, I wanted to put her sing in my band, and maybe she looks like a little girl, but she has a strong heart and wants to get the job done perfectly! Very important are these two things because music is life, and a musician becomes what he plays!”


“Nothing to say about this song!! Just close your eyes and feel it…”



“As I saw, Santana was a good choice from your impressions, so I decided to play another hit from him, made with Michelle Branch! Also, I talked with Smaranda and Sergiu to join me, and they were happy to play some ol’ good music!’



“Because, at my last acoustic video, I saw that you liked it and wanted more, I said that this would be a good idea! So, I talked with my singer from my band, Smara, and we decided that “Breathe” will be a good choice as an acoustic song! As would Carlos Santana say: “I will play this song for you with my heart and my spirit!”, and so are we!”



“This is my new heavy metal cover, made with two bandmates, Smaranda singing and Sergiu at the guitar! Since my last cover was full of energy, I tought that we should raise it a bit with a more electrifying well-known song from Halestorm, “I Miss the Misery”!”


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