Some Covers

Here is a list of Andrei’s latest covers!

Hello everyone!! After the world has lost one of it’s biggest stars, Aretha Franklin, we decided that we should tribute one of her best songs ever! She was one of the best vocal singers in all of history, inspiring us with the powerful and soft voice, even now being heard across the continents! Rest in peace Aretha Franklin, you made our home better with your presence and gift!

Hello everybody!! I uploaded again the solo of “Hotel California” made together with Sina-Drums & Mike Wilbury because it was blocked world wide on, even on Sina’s YouTube channel! Because I thought that this video is one of the best solo covers of this song and also the most beautiful, I decided that I should put it back on YouTube, so that the world will enjoy our work! Thank you!

A song with a beautiful message deserves on of the best collaborations every!! A lot of hard work was involved in this cover, and I hope you will enjoy it! Thank you very much!

A new collaboration with one of the best cellos players in the world (Vesislava Todorova) and with the most crazy girl drummer (Kalonica Nicx) playing a classical song in a metal version! Hope you enjoy it!

At some point in live, every man and woman felt alone in the darkness and have nothing to do but to stay and think about the worse! There is always in the depth of black a spark of light that guide us unto hope, unto happiness! And that spark is called “Love”, which is the most beautiful thing that human ever felt!