Some Covers

Here is a list of Andrei’s latest covers! Click on the images to see the videos!

This is an international collaboration, made with Andreea Munteanu (Vocals – Romania -18 y.o), Andrei Cerbu (Guitars – Romania – 15 y.o), FilippaQ (Bass – Danemarca -12 y.o) & Kalonica Nicx (Drums – Indonesia – 13 y.o)

For one second in your life-time, you have a strong feeling, heart-beat and relaxing moment because you finally found the one for you, to stay besides you, to laugh, to cry, to walk through the woods of your mind and to say to “I love you!”. That’s the “Perfect”!

I have to tell, you need a lot of creativity to create a story and song like this! Or you just need to be CRAZY and to feel that you BURN!!!

When I first listened to this song, I realized that it needs one my best and emotional solos ever! How to make it? I just played about what I felt these days, weeks! Blues is not something that comes and passes, it needs time to get into yourselves, and then more to realize that it is in you! And then, months to understand it!

One of the best solos in the world with such groove and which can never be forgotten!

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