Some Covers

Here is a list of Andrei’s covers!

Some common questions that I get from my fans: what guitars do I use and why? Find all the answers in the video!

Life is made based by some rules, most of them in logic’s sphere! The problem is when you are hit by love, which means to you a new universe, where all you have learned until know changes, and the new game must be played on this world’s rules! That’s why the word ‘Crazy’ describes the state of mind of the man!

I recorded together with my Blues band one of the best songs, in my opinion, of Beth Hart, which represents the harsh/bloody/saddest part of love: it can’t be sometimes controlled by us, it is controlling us in return!

The members of the band are: Andrei Cerbu – Guitar, Alexandra Dodoi – Vocal, Teodor Cusnir – Drums, Ana-Maria Cojocaru – Keyboards, Robert Ciubotaru – Bass

Here you have a cover to one of the most important songs of America made through a collaboration of 3 different continents! There is cover too much distance between musicians, in these day being able to make great thing and meet each other, even though we are so far away from each other! Romania, Usa, Indonesia and Japan!

When I first listened to the song, I felt that something was missing! The voice was perfect, and I knew that Andreea would knock out this song easily, but the instrumental could not give the full energy the message was telling to the listener! So, with some small changes, here is our version of “Heartbreaker”! Hope you enjoy it!

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To be a young guitar player who loves Blues, Hard Rock, is very strange in my country! I play something almost dead here! But, in all my years of playing, I showed to all the people that Rock is not dead, it just needs us, the new generation, to help it rise again! For that, I need the support to improve my equipment, to buy new things for my studio, and music is not cheap at all. If you wish to help me, click the button below! Thank you!

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