Some Covers

Here is a list of Andrei’s latest covers!

This video is a shot from the “Guitar’s Magic” in December 2017, where I played Voodoo Child and other songs! Hope you like it!

In my garage are more and more friends, young musicians, trying to give joy and happiness. We are a part of a little community with a lot to show and say.

This cover is a tribute to one of the most memorable irish singers, who inspired a lot of teens with this song!

Just some fun with Diana Petcu in my studio! Said that it would not be a bad idea to cover “Jolene”, am I right?

“I’m still loving you” – 4 words said in 2 situations: when you deeply love someone, stay by side and you can’t just let her/him go, and when you fell in love for him/her for the first time and you can’t just stop!

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