“What crosses your mind when you hear the words “Heavy Metal”? Energy, or maybe songs that represent Rock itself? To be capable to play this style of music, you need a band, some musicians, that are crazier than you and feel this style of playing much more deeper and have your back every time when you need that “something” that can be hardly found! That’s why Iron Cross exists, a band of teenagers who are ready to ROCK the stage for good!”

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About the Band

The Iron Cross band was started in 2015 by Andrei Cerbu, because he wanted to play Heavy Metal. He was listening to the “parents” of this music style, like Iron Maiden, when he got the idea of making a teen band which could have limitless energy and ROCK the crowd!  They appeared on many stages in Romania, opening for groups like Trooper & Phoenix.  They also made some original songs which have been released on Andrei’s YouTube channel!

Unfortunately, in 2017, several of the original band members moved on to other parts of their lives. So this project had to be left behind, but not forever!

The year 2019 knocked at the door and Andrei felt that it was time for a new beginning. He brought the band back to life with new members, all of them ready to ROCK!  All the band members are from Iasi, Romania.

The Members of the Band

– Andrei Cerbu –

– Andreea Munteanu –

– George Pintilii –

– Matei Gasner –