For this Friday, me and Beatrice prepared for you some Queen to give you some energy! Hope you like it!

Another great song made by Guns N’Roses, covered by me together with Smaranda. Hope you like it!

We’re back to work, everyone!! Unfortunately, Katarina could not join us in the video, she had to leave Iasi for some time, but she recorded the keyboard part for the song!

Smaranda was the lead singer of “The Iron Cross”, one of my bands, who composed with me two of our songs, “The Tower” and “Naive”, and now I am very happy to collaborate again with her after so long!

I prepared for you something a bit new, I think, because I rediscovered the double-six guitar in a Pink Floyd live video, so I said to myself that I have to make a one more song in an acoustic version.

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“To be a young guitar player who loves Blues, Hard Rock, is very strange in my country! I play something almost dead here! But, in all my years of playing, I showed to all the people that Rock is not dead, it just needs us, the new generation, to help it rise again! For that, I need the support to improve my equipment, to buy new things for my studio, and music is not cheap at all. If you wish to help me, click the button below! Thank you!”

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